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Gap Year Abroad

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Uno dos tres, cinco seis siete, GIRA!

It's hard enough getting up the courage to do new things in my own city, let alone here in Spain. It's much easier to follow a routine than it is to break out and explore options. I could very easily go to school every day, come home, stay in my room until dinner and go to bed at 10:30 every night. It would actually be much easier and I wouldn't be so tired all of the time! Instead, I've tried really hard to do things that scare me.

One of the things I have done is I have gone to a Spanish dance class/ language exchange night! My mom ballroom dances and I went to one of her competitions back in Georgia. While I was there I watched my mom dance beautifully and fly across the dance floor with her partner. I was so envious! One of her teachers took me onto the floor and showed me basic steps to whatever song was on and I wanted to know more!

This dance class in Sevilla seemed like a perfect opportunity to start a new hobby. I went with the other American girls in my program to a bar near my home where a dance teacher showed us all, and about 40 others, how to dance the Bachata. It was so much fun! I learned verb "to turn", "girar", and I danced with many different girls and guys (there are always more girls than guys at these kinds of things). The teacher called out the steps in Spanish, which made distinguishing my right from left even harder than when I hear them in English! She called out the beats and when to turn, which steps to use, and when to change partners. I got to talk in Spanish a lot, mostly introducing myself to my new dance partner. It was fun to laugh and mess up the dance, but even more fun when I danced with a guy who knew what he was doing and we danced the combination perfectly.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 3.03.49 PM
(I'm in the red dress)

After this, I knew I wanted to dance more. I went the next week, even though most of my friends did not, and I learned a combination of Salsa. The combination was much harder than Bachata but also much more exhilarating.

I remembered that our program director told us she’d help us find hobbies while we are here, so I asked for a place where I can take ballroom dance classes for real in Sevilla. I'd love to be able to dance flamenco and waltz and salsa and bachata and paso doble and basically all of the dances.

I found a studio near my home and so far, I've been too scared to go in and sign up. If there's ever a time to try new things, it's now. Tomorrow I will sign up for classes and become a ballroom dancer in Sevilla, Spain! 

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