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Gap Year Abroad

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October 20, 2012

Today I took a bus into Ronda with Allie, Cuda, Evan and Eliza. Ronda is a city that is built on this cliff, and since it is in the montains, I had my first taste of fall. It was so pretty and the weather was the perfect beginning of fall weather. We just wondered around looking at the historic buildings, but the best part is when we climbed down in to the canyon. It was so gorgeous, and I can’t even really begin to describe it.

Anyway, we had a great time taking pictures, especially jumping photos. Evan was the only boy that came with us so naturally he became the photographer that we bossed around the whole time. During one of the jumping photos all three of us were yelling different things at him, it was hysterical. He just like stood there with the camera, waiting for everyone to calm down.

We went to get something to eat at this restaurant that was built right into the canyon. It was great to just sit and talk and enjoy the view.

October 19, 2012


My day today was jammed packed. In class I had my first test in this level. In the other level I had been in it was soley writing tests, but in this level, we had a writing, speaking and listening part. The writing I felt like I did good (but who knows?), and the speaking was ok, but the listening was difficult. It was really hard to understand the men on the tape with deep voices. Anyway, I think that these test will be a really great way to see how I progress in class over time.

After class I met with my friend Youcef and we went for icecream and a walk to the river by Triana. Youcef is half Algerian and half Italian, but was raised in England, so its really interesting to hear about the different cultures that he is used to. We talked about how northern europe is so much more closed than southern europe, American and English slang, and then we started talking about european’s view on America. Its always interesting to hear what european’s think of us, because you get so many different answer. In Youcef’s case (to make things short) he said that doesn’t hate Ameica, he hates American government.

By the time I got back from icecream, all I had time to do was put my book bag in my room, grab my camera and run out the door for my tour on Spanish Legends. We had learned about the legends earlier in class and today we got to visit the places that the legends took place. One legend we had learned was about this beautiful girl that had been forced to be one of the king’s wives. She did not want to be, and so to make the king not want her any more she put hot oil on her face to destroy it. We got to visit the convent that she had created.

After getting back from the tour, I went with Charlee, Evan, Alex and Andrea to a tapas bar. It’s weird how small the dinners are here, and since we were hungry we ended up doubling our orders. Once we were done with tapas, we went to Abril, a discoteca near where we live.

All in all it was a packed day, and I was happy when it was finally time to fall into bed.


September 20 2012

At the bar we went to after the tour, this sign was up :)

This is from the restuarant we went to called "Milagritos"

This was taken in the amphitheater with some German girls we met on our tour

Here we are at the amphitheater with some German girls we met on the tour.

In class today we talked about activities you can do in spain... my teacher told me where I could go skydiving.. so me, charlee and helena are looking to hit that offer up :) After school, Charlee, Helena and I went to a park because Helena wanted to show us this big zipglide thing. It was pretty awesome! While we were there we noticed some tents, and when we walked around the corner we found a market full of so much cheap stuff. I guess its here for the weekend and in english it translates to "The Festival of the Nations". We all ended up getting these like parachute type pants that are really in style in europe right now.... sooo we blend in... kinda.

After getting home I quickly ate my lunch and then headed back out to show some other friends how to get to the Festival of the Nations, we had wanted to go out for icecream but all of us were too stuffed from the huge lunches that we get here.

The best part of my day though was going to the Roman Ruines with CIEE. I signed up with Lauren, Marayam and Helena to see the Ruines not knowing that the tour was entirely in Spanish. I could understand parts, and it was worth the confusion when we were given the chance to wander through an old amphitheater and imagine ourselves as gladiators. All I could do was picture Gerald Butler. Helena and I found this old room and it had original stone text, so we licked our fingers and put our spit on the stone and then found pebbles to take home. It may sound a little too romantic but we joked that now part of us will always be with the ruines, and part of the ruines is with us. On the way home we went to a restaurant next to the cathedral with a German girl we had met on the tour for tapas. The food was great, and the weather was perfect, I can't wait to go back!

September 19 2012

When my alarm went off this morning I wanted so badly to smash it into a million pieces on the wall. Thank god for my lovely host mom who had a bowl of chocolate crisp cereal waiting for me. After class I met with nancy to go over how to get a bike that I can ride around the city. I can't wait till I can get one because it will be a great way to see the city and a cheap way to get to class. After siesta I went on a run and shopping with Alyssa. All in all it was a good but uneventful day. I signed up for a pool party for international students today! Can't wait to go on Saturday!


September 18, 2012

It was my second day of class today, and I can already see myself improving. It's so exciting! We went over a whole bunch of verbs which is great because I'm finally able to somewhat use the correct verbs when I talk to my host family..

After class I went back to the apartment for a HUGE lunch and siesta... except I over siesta'd and I missed the meeting time for the Tour of Plaza Espana.. Luckily, my host family had taken me there before. So I began running down the street hoping I wasn't too late to catch the group. Only problem was that I hadn't though about the fact that I was alone.. I ended up finding two random girls from Seville and walking with them, and then after that I walked with a mom and her children. It was a cool experience for practicing my spanish and it made for an interesting walk.

I wandered around the Plaza Espana and some how managed to run into my group. Lola was our guide again... I can't stand how cute that woman is :)

After the tour I came home for dinner and then at 10:00 I went out to meet some international students. It was so fun! There was music and dancing, and I ran into a bunch of people from my class. Can't wait for the next one!

random thought...

In my mind the one big thing that was going to be important to my host family was that you don't wear shoes in their house.. It's been quite the opposite. Here, it is rude NOT to wear shoes in the house... I know that that doesn't seem like much, but its one of those little things that was making me homesick.. all ways wearing shoes suckssss. Until my host mom told me I could wear just socks.... and I remembered I packed fluffy ones :)

September 17, 2012

Classes at CLIC started today for me but they have been going on for 2 weeks for the other people in my class. I feel really far behind everyone, but maybe it was because today we were talking about geography.. I’m not good at geography in English let alone Spanish.. And to make things more difficult the people that are speaking Spanish are from all over the world. Two from Germany, two from the Netherlands, one from Sweden, a 40 year old from France, a kid from Minnesota, and me and Charlee from PA, and each place has its own way of pronouncing Spanish words wrong. The challenge of understanding one another is fun though, and I’m looking forward to tomorrows class.
After Spanish class we learned about bull fighting, from a matador in training. He told us all about the history of bull fighting, and what happens during a fight. He also told me that I had been lied to my whole life.. Bulls dont get mad at the color red.. They see monochromatic (black and white)… Mind=blown.

On Friday we are going to see a bull fight.. IM PUMPED!

my host dad made breaded meatballs.. yum :)

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