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Gap Year Abroad

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My host sister and I have a pretty big age difference, almost ten years, which is rather hard because my younger sister in the US is only three years difference. My sister and I would always watch TV together, but I didn’t really know how to play with or treat a sister of Mariu’s age. One day, though, she told me she hadn’t seen many of my favorite childhood movies, so I knew then that I had to show them to her. At first I thought it would be too hard to watch a movie in Spanish, but after watching the familiar stories of Mary Poppins and The Princess Bride, I wondered why I hadn’t done this from the beginning!

I love watching the classic Disney movies in English to the point that I almost know them by heart; so watching in Spanish is quite a learning experience. I do get a little sad that I can’t sing the songs, but otherwise I understand just fine! 


Mariu and me snuggling up to watch a movie on my computer.


 It is very interesting to hear famous lines in another language such as “Hola. Me llamo Iñigo Montoya. Tu mataste a mi padre. Prepárate a morir” (guess which movie).

Because of the confidence I gained watching movies with Mariu, I decided to go with my friends to see the lastest “Hunger Games” movie: “Los Juegos del Habre: En Llamas.” It was awesome! I understood everything that was going on and even heard some colloquial phrases that I had learned in class!


Movies have become a bonding experience for my little sister and me, kind of like television was for my real sister and me. A little sister is a little sister, Spain or the US. 

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